SWPT Does Well on the Beach

At the Week of Nationals held in Fernandina Beach the week of 9/14 to 9/18, the Southwest putting tour players fared very well. 

In the Tournament players championship held on Monday 9/14, Geoff Mosk fired a 96 to win his first national tournament.  He was able to edge fellow SWPT Player Joe Lea by a single stroke giving the SWPT the top 2 positions in the event.  Brice Bergesen also fared very well shooting a 100 and tying for 4th place. 

In the Hall of Fame event held on 9/16, Wade Sahmel shot a 92 to tie for 1st.  He eventually lost by 1 in the playoff to Mike Flavin but the white hot shooting was still amazing none the less.

In the Senior national championship, 2018 senior national champ Brice Bergesen finished 4th and Danny Tatum finished 7th as the only 2 players to compete in the 29 player field.

In the main event, the 2020 National Championship, Wade Sahmel was the top SWPT player coming in 3rd place.  Just 1 stroke back typing for 4th place were Geoff Mosk and 2018 National Champion Rainey Statum.  Also with good finishes were Brice Bergesen at 14th place, Joe Le at 16th place, Cliff Matthews at 24th place, Lee Messinger at 27th place, and Olivia Prokopova and Danny Tatum at 31st place.

Wade Sahmel with his showing at nationals and earlier in the year at Kingsport, has won the Tracey Moore Stroke Average Award for the lowest stroke average at 2020 national events. He will receive the award at next years nationals. 

SWPT Championship Goes to 

Brice & Huck

The evening of 8/29 saw the rain and it rained again the morning of the SWPT Tour Championship.  The good news was that it remained overcast which kept the temperatures from being unbearable.  The bad news was the carpet was wet and the conditions changed as the day progressed and the carpet dried out.

In the Pro Division the top 2 seeds of Geoffrey Mosk and Brice Bergesen had bye’s.  The featured match was between Wade Sahmel and 2 time national champion Cliff Matthews.  Wade then went out and easily won 7-6.  Other winners were 2018 National Champion Rainey Statum, 2014 national Champion Jeffrey Smith, 2015 Senior National Champion Danny Tatum, Lee messinger, and 2 time US Masters, 4 time US Open champion, USPMGA Hall of Famer, and with child, Olivia Prokopova.   In the quarter finals Olivia lived up to her Boyfriends name of the bogey man, in route to giving away a few to many holes as Mosk stayed perfect against Sahmels and future Sahmels in SWPT Finals matches (5-0) with a 3-2 victory.  In a battle of national champions and with 14 SWPT Tour champions between them, Smith knocked out Statum 3-1.  On the other side of the bracket Tatum took Bergesen to sudden death before falling on the first hole of SD.  Local legend and number 2 on the all-time SWPT wins list, Lee Messinger was able to beat Wade Sahmel 5-4.  In the Semi Finals Mosk was able to get out to an early 2 hole lead on Smith after Smith bogeyed hole 5.  But when Mosk Bogeyed hole 18, smith had taken a 1 hole lead that he would never relinquish.  Mosk was able to stay close and had a chance to send the match into sudden death by making hole 18, but his put was just a touch soft and Smith advanced to the tour championship finals for the 10th time in his career when he had only lost 1 time before.  In the other Match Brice got hot and was just to much for Messinger to handle  as he won with a 5-4 margin.  In the finals (video posted on Facebook) Bergesen and Smith traded aces like the champions that they are thru the first 18 holes.  As they started the final 18 holes of the year, smith again was able to carve out a 1 hole advantage.  On the front 9 Brice fought back and was able to take a 2 hole advantage.  Bergesen then made the 1st 2 holes on the back while Smith was only able to make 1, putting Bergesen up by 3 with just 7 holes to go.  Another make by Bergesen on hole 13 followed by a miss by Smith and the match was just abut over.  Bergesen laid up in 14 forcing Smith to go for the ace and he did.  But his putt missed the hole and went down the hill leading to a bogey and Bergesen claiming his 4th SWPT Championship.

In the APA 4 players gad a bye, and in the other 4 matches the higher seeded player won each match.  Gary Plain defeated ken Stanfill 1 up.  Steven yancey defeated Gary Greene 3-2.  Jerry medina beat Jack Ramsey, and Trevor Lewin knocked out Robert Martin.  In the next round once again the higher seeded players won each match.  Chris Conradi defeated Gary Plain 3-2.  Steven Yancey defeated Jay Salyer in a hotly contested match 2-1.  Mike Huckaby put down Medina 2-1, and the giant Alan Sahmel beat his South African friend Lewin, 4-3.  Huckaby was still stung from his loss in last years final match where he had the lead with 2 holes to go but eventually lost in sudden death.  He was determined to make amends on his home course this year.  He took another step as he defeated the 2018 APA Senior national champion Sahmel in convincing fashion 7-6.  In the other Match the APA Player of the year and 7 time tournament winner Conradi had his hands full with Steven Yancey.  The 2 battled back and forth and when the 36 holes were done they remained tied.  It took another 2 holes of sudden death to complete the match and in 38 holes Yancey came out on top to advance to his first tour championship finals.  In the finals the match stayed close with Yancey holding a slim lead with 9 holes to go.  The Huckaby, a 7 time APA Tour Champion, rose to the occasion and went 1 up as the match reached it’s final few holes.  Standing on the 9th hole, the 36th hole of the match, Huckaby was clinging to the 1 hole lead knowing an ace would get him the 2020 title.  He struck the putt true and his ball found the bottom of the cup and Huckaby had claimed another SWPT APA Championship.

The 2020 season had many challenges.  Tournaments were canceled due to Covid-19.  A course closed on us mid-year.  Some events were moved.  We had players like Micky Delucca who missed events because they were in the hospital.  We had a hurricane hit Lake Charles and do substantial damage to the Putt Putt course there as well as the entire city.  Yet we have much to still be thankful for.  Most importantly the friendship that we share with each other.  This is always a sad time of year as we know that for most of us, this will be the last time we see our Putt Putt family for many months.  Some will see each other at Nationals in just a few week, and a few others will spend time with each other at the Mini Golf Masters in October.  We don’t know yet at this time if our typical year end celebration in Lake Charles, the AL, will happen or not.  But as we look forward to the next putting season we will remember the times we shared with each other this past season and the many season before that and relish the time that we can again get together and tell stories of the aces that got away.


30 AUGUST 2020

Round of 16 Olivia Prokopova d Don Parker 6 and 5

Rainey Statum d Tom Adair 3 and 2

Jeffrey Smith d Greg Everly 2 and 1

Danny Tatum d Chance Marett 1up

Lee Messinger d Mason Spradlin 8 and 7

Wade Sahmel d Cliff Matthews 7 and 6

Round of 8 Geoff Mosk d Olivia Prokopova 3 and 2

Jeffrey Smith d Rainey Statum 3 and 1

Brice Bergesen d Danny Tatum 37th hole

Lee Messinger d Wade Sahmel 5 and 4

Semi Finals Jeffrey Smith d Geoff Mosk 1 up

Brice Bergesen d Lee Messinger 5 and 4

Finals Brice Bergesen d Jeffrey Smith 5 and 4


30 AUGUST 2020

Round of 16 Gary Plain d Ken Stanfill 1 up

Steven Yancey d Gary Greene 3 and 2

Jerry Medina d Jack Ramsey 9 and 8

Trevor Lewin d Robert Martin 9 and 8

Round of 8 Chris Conradi d Gary Plain 3 and 2

Steven Yancey d Jay Salyer 2 and 1

Mike Huckaby d Jerry Medina 2 and 1

Alan Sahmel d Trevor Lewin 4 and 3

Semi Finals Steven Yancey d Chris Conradi 39 holes

Mike Huckaby d Alan Sahmel 7 and 6

Finals Mike Huckaby d Steven Yancey 1 up
Mosk and Conradi Puts a Capper on a Great Year

The players gathered at the Arlington Parks course for the last events of the 2020 season on August 29th.  Many players were there on the 28th to get in some practice since the events on the 29th started at 9am.  It only got up to 109 degrees on the 28th of August so many players didn’t practice for too long but it was much needed.

In the pro division Geoff Mosk knew that he needed a good showing to defend his 2019 player of the year title.  Both Brice Bergesen and Wade Sahmel had an outside shot of catching him if they had top 3 finishes and he faltered. Jeff Smith, who has won both a Texas Open and SWPT Tour championship on this course in recent years came out hotter than a depot stove making the first 5 holes in route to a first round score of 28 that was good enough for a 1 stroke lead over Mosk, Rainey Statum, Olivia Prokopova, and Don Parker.  Smith is the all time leader in wins on the SWPT and was still looking for his first win of the 2020 season and was in a good position after 1 round to get it.   In round 2 Olivia Prokopova who was carrying around a very small human, stormed to the lead with a 26 to be in at 55 for 2 rounds.  She was very closely followed by Statum who had a 27 of his own in round 2.  2 time National Champion Cliff Matthews was just 3 strokes back at 57 and Bergesen and Mosk were just 3 back at 58.  In the last round Mason Spradlin had the low round of the day with a 24.  He was a little to far back to get into contention but it showed that he had the game to do well the next day.  Smith recovered from his poor second round with a 27 his final round to be in at 88.  Greg Everly had scores of 26 and 28 his final 2 rounds to also be in at 88.  Matthews had a good back nine of 14 to recover from an underwhelming front nine to finish the round at 30 and a 3 round score of 87.  Prokopova, playing just a few groups behind the lead group that included Mosk and Bergesen, was also having a tough last round and finished at 32.  With just 3 holes to go Mosk and Bergesen were tied and it was looking like they had a chance to pass the Prokopova and Matthews.  Mosk needed to stay ahead of Bergesen to increase his point lead for the Player of the year award, and a win would secure.  Mosk made holes 16 and 17 while Bergesen only made 1 coming down the stretch.  Olivia was not able to make the necessary ace to tie Mosk so she finished at 87 along with Bergesen and Matthews.  It was a very tight finish that included pressure putts from so many competitors.  It was a great warm up for the Championship to be held the next day.

In the APA division Chris Conradi had already wrapped up the 2020 APA player of the year award with his 6 victories this year.  The Arlington course is not very far from his home and he plays here several times a year in weekly tournaments.  He was the odds on favorite to win both the regular tour event and the Finals the next day.  On Saturday he did not disappoint.  Conradi had a first round score of 30 which had him a tie with the other local favorite and 2019 player of the year, Mike Huckaby.  Just 1 stroke behind those 2 players was Steven Yancey who continues to improve each year.  Huckaby had a second score of 30 and was in the lead by himself after 2 rounds.  Conradi was just 1 stroke back at 61 and Jerry Medina had moved into contention as he was at 63.  In the final round Huckaby had a 35 to be in at 95.  Conradi stayed consistent with a 32 and Medina had another 30 to tie Conradi for first at 93.  In the playoff Conradi was just a bit to much for Medina as he won for the 7th time in 2020.











1 Geoffrey Mosk 29 29 28 86 $125.00
1 Chris Conradi 30 31 32 93 $36.00
2 Brice Bergesen 31 27 29 87 $52.00
2 Jerry Medina 33 30 30 93 $18.00
2 Olivia Prokopova 29 26 32 87 $52.00
3 Mike Huckaby 30 30 35 95 $18.00
2 Cliff Matthews 30 27 30 87 $52.00
4 Steven Yancey 31 35 30 96 $18.00
5 Jeffrey Smith 28 33 27 88 $23.00
5 Alan Sahmel 35 32 35 102 $18.00
5 Greg Everly 34 26 28 88 $23.00
6 Trevor Lewin 32 40 33 105
7 Rainey Statum 29 27 33 89

7 Robert Martin 36 36 36 108
8 Wade Sahmel 32 30 30 92

8 Gary Greene 37 42 31 110
9 Don Parker 29 36 30 95

9 Ken Stanfill 35 42 35 112
9 Lee Messinger 30 33 32 95

10 Jack Ramsey 40 37 36 113
11 Mason Spradlin 37 35 24 96

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